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it is hard to take anyone where you have not been yourself.
leadership is a never ending journey of learning and growing. reach out, lean in and allow our customized process transform you into a better leader.

Leadership Coaching

Fueled by a passion to see you reach your full potential, our team will guide you to develop a mindset that will navigate any challenge effectively. Check out more about the Habit Finder program below.

Speaker & Trainer

Customized speaking and training focused on meeting your needs.

Team Building

Transforming teams to support one another by tackling challenges and navigating conflict in a positive way.

Strategy Consulting

Through scientific research and experience, our team can help you strategize amid our volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Megan Weinkauf .

Hello, I am here as your guide to live and lead with a mind that will support (instead of sabotage) your actions. Years ago I didn't have a healthy mindset. My thoughts sabotaged actionable progress both personally and professionally. I could cast a vision, make a plan, but one thing was missing - my mindset to get it done and find meaning in those millimeter steps of creation. What helped me? Working with a coach that asked the hard questions and held me accountable.

Now, after many years I guide people, like you. My passion in life is to see you reach your full potential as a leader. I also enjoy coaching teams and organizations to excel and thrive.

I cannot wait to meet you because every human has a fascinating story to share.
the faithful leader

Habit Finder Coaching Program .

Our program is scientifically tested and validated.

Establish Supportive Habits of Thinking

uncover your purpose in life and Learn How to Connect with People

Activate Your Dreams and Create a Sustainable Structure

no matter the circumstances, Find Joy in the Journey


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In preparation for taking a Director level position at a mid-market company, I reached out to Meg to explore her services. She instantly understood my needs and committed to helping me accelerate my leadership journey. With Meg, I am able to influence at all levels in my organization and have transparent, important conversations that improve the company I am working for.

Coaching Client Director of Product Marketing

Standout talent and a drive to see others succeed is what comes to mind when I think about Meg. I reached out to her for assistance with a marketing project as she is a member of the Student Advisory Board at Jack Welch Management Institute with nonprofit experience. I was blown away by her keen insights, ideas, and her tenacious effort to assist me till my projects' completion. Thanks in part to her input, my project was a hit! Meg is a leader that deserves recognition and promotion. She would be an awesome asset to any team.

Casey Smith VP Donor and Church Relations, Operation Compassion

Meg possesses a rare gift: the desire to listen deeply to another person's aspirations in order to help them excel. She is genuinely excited to support the successes of others, unleashing the leader within them. Her faith, integrity, and vision informs all that she does as a teacher, consultant, speaker, and colleague. Meg truly lives according to her principles as a Faithful Leader and inspires those she serves to do the same.

John Roselle III Colleague

Professor Weinkauf is a purpose and person-driven leader. She is eager to connect with individuals and present opportunities. Last summer, she connected me to an internship in Berlin and facilitated the development process. Her strong leadership skills combined with her passion for people, fuels her skills to teach and inspire others. She commits to helping others succeed and thrive. Her communication skills are top-notch, and she always brings wisdom to a conversation. I give my highest applause to Professor Weinkauf's leadership and communication styles!

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