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Helping leaders Align Their Values with Action & Confidence

"After learning from Megan, I have confidence to influence people at all levels in my organization."
- VP, Product Marketing
it is hard to take anyone where you have not been yourself.
leadership is a never ending journey of learning and growing. reach out, lean in and allow our customized process transform you into a better leader.

Transformational Leadership Coaching

Are you wanting to make your mark in this world, but not quite sure how? This coaching is aimed at developing exceptional leaders who can drive profound and positive change within themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Digital And Personal Branding

Welcome to the pinnacle of personalized excellence and sophistication. Our distinguished offering is a bespoke journey. You will learn to showcase the most refined facets of your unique identity, while gracefully elevating your online presence to unprecedented heights. Unveil the true masterpiece that is you.

Overcoming Past Narratives

This specialized service is designed for individuals who are committed to achieving profound personal transformation and unleashing their true potential. Liberate yourself from past narratives and self-sabotage so that you can grow in resilience, cultivate a growth-oriented mindset, and walk in your full potential.

Business Strategy/ Organizational Development Consulting

Through scientific research and experience, our team helps you effectively strategize amid our volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) world. We carefully analyze the internal and external factors influencing your unique business landscape, and offer specific insights and innovative solutions to enhance your business' competitiveness, foster growth, and maximize value.

Meet Dr. Megan Weinkauf

Boldly Putting People First

Megan is passionate about developing leaders into their ultimate potential. With only 20% of people truly passionate about their vocations (according to Pew Research), Megan is on a mission to change and challenge that narrative.

Megan is currently an Assistant Professor of Strategic Leadership and Media at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma while also a guest speaker for events.

Collaborative Ventures

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