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Job Seekers. Entrepreneurs. Nonprofits. Millennials. Conscious Leaders.

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Meg Weinkauf

Are you daring enough for bonafide success? Leadership in the modern age requires much more than an
impressive resume, diploma, or witty must have bold direction.

Stop waiting for an investor or employer to chance upon your awesomeness. Channel the rebel voice of your real-world brand–so you can...

Get the Job. Start the Work. Fund the Change. Prove them wrong. Make the Impact.

It all begins with a faithful little dare...

I Dare You To Download The Faithful Leader™ Checklist

Hey! I’m Meg, The Faithful Leader™

Positively Daring Next-Gen Leaders for Next-Level Success.

Through faith, rebel-works, & smart strategies, I help real people showcase their own distinct brands of leadership. Using essential tools for success, we package Your GRIT for Online Marketing–no matter the industry, career, or personal mission.

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I’m Meg Weinkauf, The Faithful Leader™.

I show job-seekers how to stop looking for work–and dare to get found. My folks raised me to play hard and pray even harder. Nowadays not much has changed, I dare entrepreneurs, Millennials, new job-seekers, & veterans of business to rebel. It’s a work-ethic made from equal parts duty & passion–because you can truly love what you do. Your days can be inspiring, and you can rest each night knowing you helped the world (without sacrificing ANY faith, career goals, or future opportunities).

Welcome to the Modern Leadership Connection. Let’s dare to do something more…because honestly, we can do better.

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I Dare You To Download The Faithful Leader™ Checklist