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A Grateful Heart

Fall is my favorite time of year. The air is crisp and everything seems to slow down as people turn to focus on what matters most in our lives, family. Of course, I love all the food this time of year brings, who wouldn’t? Although, spending those precious moments with the ones who matter most […]

Coffee Shops in Tulsa for Work, Inspiration, and Writing!

I’m in a Ph.D. program through Regent University studying Organizational Leadership, specifically authentic transformational leadership. I never thought life would bring me to this point, but it’s fascinating to realize when you were made for something. I was made to do this work. And, honestly, it’s a privilege to do this work. I am learning […]

Uncover the Root & Replace it with Truth

Hi friends, I haven’t been on here in a while. I’ve been working through a lot of fears (cue all the vulnerability) and realizing posting online isn’t so scary (who would have thought?). And, news flash – it doesn’t have to be perfect – praise the good Lord! I am here for you on this […]

One Pressing Leadership Issue of Today – Matters of the Heart

  I made the leap this summer and applied for Regent University and was accepted into the Doctorate of Strategic Leadership program. I am SO excited to begin this journey and see what God is going to do in and through me. Seriously though, being on this God-journey continually blows my mind. I love Him […]

To Lead Well Is To Love Well

  It is time to stand up To speak out To not be silent anymore It is time to lead To love To accept And to teach No judgment present Only light and love To lead well is to love well To lead well is to shine the light within Raising up the next generation […]

The Secret to a Stellar Personal Brand – Part Two – Know Your Target Audience

  Did you know our sun is only one of a 100 billion stars are in our galaxy? Unfortunately, we will never have the opportunity to experience the beauty of every star. However, we can look up into the night sky and experience the beauty of some. There are certain stars that shine brighter than […]

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