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faithful to the process.

Every story matters in this world, yours, and mine. It took some time to own my story, the failures and triumphs. Sometimes it’s easier to share only the triumphs. I get it. When we share our story, we find our purpose. After years of searching, I found mine and hope you find yours, too. Currently, I am a management professor (official title “lecturer”) at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I study organizational leadership, specifically in the area of human resource development. My areas of research include purpose in life, mindset, and fear. I also coach, consult, and speak. 

Leadership begins with your inner self. Because, what is inside will come out. It’s a guarantee. Leaders who are well on the inside can lead people well. Our world needs you to be well and lead well. Will you join me?

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meg weinkauf

My Story .

Pausing and reflecting back makes you realize how every step (big or small) matters in life's journey.
***Please do note, a lot of ups and downs happened throughout the pictures below, but it is a good summary of my journey.***
business & Academic

Experience .

From a young age I discovered my entrepreneurial mindset. During undergrad, I worked in various business roles full-time (hence why there are so many years of experience). Over the years I have worked in for-profit, non-profit, governmental, and startup organizations. My varied experiences provides you with a unique perspective in solving any organizational challenge. 

Industries include: aerospace and defense manufacturing, recruiting, oil and gas, large and small non-profits, faith-based, and technology.

I’ve consulted a dozen startups, started four companies myself, and serve as a mentor and coach to entrepreneurs. 

Strategic, responsibility, connectedness, activator, and positivity.

Principles of Management, Intro to Business, Business Communications, Internship, and Digital Marketing (not all in the same semester).

I have a unique range of skills from accounting to strategy to digital marketing and everything in-between. My array of experience and adaptable mindset allows me the opportunity to solve the most complex of challenges.

I use the Habit Finder coaching program to guide individuals who are new to leadership or those who want to grow their leadership capabilities. 

Leadership, mindset, purpose in life, or tailored to your needs.

Featured in the news...

Link to Article TULSA, Okla. — An Oral Roberts University professor is making her goal “to put the ‘unity’ in ‘community'”. She has a simple but powerful message for her students: find ways to help whoever needs it.  

Link to Article The truth matters. Whether you’re a consumer or producer of media, there is an onus to seek out credible sources of information and to verify news before it is spread.

On Thursday a panel of media experts shared with members of the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium meeting why it’s important for journalists to provide honest coverage and why it’s equally important for consumers to make sure the news they are taking in is coming from reputable sources.

Link to Article

All eyes will be on finalists Agruity (Don Drury and Barry Jarvis), Dear Girls Magazine (Stephanie Heckenkemper), LaunchPad Labs (Jessica Kinsey and Megan Ashley Weinkauf), Spokto Beverage Co. (Ryan Parker and Carter Jarrett) and The Pop House (brothers Chris Davis and Robby Davis). They will be vying for a $15,000 prize, a year-long membership to 36 Degrees North and a dedicated mentor.

Powered by the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation, the Tulsa StartUp Series focuses on delivering resources and mentoring opportunities to entrepreneurs. It featured five pitch competitions categorized by business segment and culminates with Wednesday’s finals, which coincide with Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Link to Article

Cathy Gates and Megan Weinkauf share a strong desire to give back to their community. They are also both accountants and graduates of the University of Arkansas.“This was a match made in heaven,” said Cathy. Cathy and Megan are a part of the Emerging Leaders Society mentorship program, a joint effort with the Tulsa Area United Way Alexis de Tocqueville Society. Megan is a member of ELS and an accounting manager at Waterfield Energy. Cathy is a member of the Tocqueville Society and managing partner at Ernst & Young.


Academic Studies

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