Did you know our sun is only one of a 100 billion stars are in our galaxy? Unfortunately, we will never have the opportunity to experience the beauty of every star. However, we can look up into the night sky and experience the beauty of some. There are certain stars that shine brighter than others, which will always be a marvelous mystery.

Our current world population is around 7.125 billion. There is no way we will ever know everyone in the world; however, we can know some. And with a stellar personal brand; even more, have the chance to know who we are. Not everyone will be interested in your brand, that is okay. Each person in this world has a star inside of them waiting to emerge for the world to see. Maybe the brighter stars in the sky are the ones who have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and allow their light shine. I dare you to shine brightly for the world to see.

Knowing and recognizing your target audience is incredibly important when building a personal brand. And, this focus shifts and changes as time goes on. The definition of a target audience includes the people you want to know about you, such as potential employers, community groups, or your current boss. I promise, going through the process of identifying your target audience is the most freeing thing in the world.

“One of the biggest mistakes that budding personal branders make is trying to appeal to everyone.” – Susan Chritton, M.Ed, PCC

As you begin the target market journey keep in mind what was learned from part one in defining who you are. Defining your brand is a necessary first step before defining a target market.

Imagine your ideal client or workplace and write it down. Personally, at first, this sounded a little silly. But, IT WORKS. I PROMISE! You will be particularly amazed when the ideal client shows up. Or, when that ideal workplace magically appears. It may seem as if you waved a magic wand, but what you are doing in this step is defining boundaries. These boundaries are around who you will, and will not work with. Or, who you will, and will not work for. Once these are defined it is easier to recognize the signs and say no (lovingly, of course) when necessary. And, on the flip side it helps identify the organizations and people you would like to work with and/or for.

Research your targets. Once you have identified a target audience, research everything possible about them. Create a research target list to give you the confidence to keep moving forward. If you are looking for a new career opportunity the best place to start is utilizing multiple sources.

  1. Use LinkedIn and search for the company or industry where you would like to work. Select the option to view all employees to look for the individuals to connect with.
  2. Search for information online. Do your research.
  3. Informational meetings are key. Utilize your network, reach out to have coffee, get outside your comfort bubble and start meeting people.
  4. Attend conferences and tradeshows. You can meet the coolest people ever this way!

Building your circle of influence is the most important part of having a stellar personal brand.

People need to know who and what you are all about. Start building relationships right now and become involved in your city/town/state. Know what is going on and hang out where the cool people are. I believe in you, keep going and set that stellar personal brand into motion. I would love to have the chance to assist you along the journey. Reach out anytime and please help me in sharing this article with everyone you know. We are all in this together.

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