The OneWay Foundation™

To unite and positively impact our world with goodness-causing.

Dear Friend,

Not long ago I wrote my own eulogy. Stay with me for a minute. I wrote it as an exercise with my executive coach. It changed me to the very core of my being. Thinking about how I wanted to remembered and then putting it into words…whew, I can only say…do this and see what happens. Through this process came my life vision to be extremely generous and to change lives. Nothing makes me come alive more than seeing people step into their purpose. I can’t do it alone though…I need you, we need one another to unite and help.

Do you even know what we could do together? The expertise of all our minds coming together to create change. I know the struggles of a startup nonprofit, how awesome would it be to put seed money into one? How awesome would it be to pay for someone’s apartment so they could get back on their feet? How awesome would it be to rescue victims of human trafficking? How awesome would it be to educate every student in the entire world with prevention curriculum? We can do this. We can change the world, together as ONE.

Everyone in this world is tasked with giving back in some form or fashion. Too much has been given, yet much more is required to give back. What are you waiting for? This is a way to collectively come together to help someone in need, jumpstart a nonprofit, or just spread large amounts of goodness in the world.

When we come together for the soul purpose of helping people, amazing things can happen. Many needs still exist in our neighborhoods, cities, country and around the world. This partnership is a way to become one unit and to give back bigger and better than what you could ever dream. Let’s do something together!

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