The Faithful Leader™ dares you to rebel…

Find the kind of work you want.

Live the life you dream of.

Make the impacts you pray for.

With a “Stop Looking, Be Found” attitude (+ on-the-job branding strategies), you no longer have to wait for an employer to skim your resume or LinkedIn profile…

No more crossing fingers–it’s time to make a statement! Forge a career path that truly fulfills. Confront your shortfalls. Stop hiding behind a lack of experience or young resume.

Your personal brand of leadership is capable of accomplishing your goals. But it’s not positioned, showcased, or leveraged enough to impress the world.

This how I’m going to dare you into getting more from your life & the good work you do…

What are MY Certifications? 360Reach Certified Analyst, Certified Personal Brand Strategist, Social Branding Analyst Certification

Dreamers Job Placement & Headhunting

With The Faithful Leader™ guiding you in the job placement process, you will find a career and workplace from which you will thrive.

Learn how modern leaders scout the jobs they want, master the application process–from first contact to follow-up–and learn how to turn your interviews into a skillset debut!

  • Job Scouting
  • Resume Refinement
  • Interview Preparation
  • Follow-up Contact Techniques
  • Credentials Showcasing

If you have a dream career–but don’t know how to get there…then it’s time to dare.

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Achievers Coaching & Professional Presentation

“Stop looking. Be found.” This is the mindset The Faithful Leader™ brings to each and every coaching client. If you are tired of spinning your wheels or don’t know what to do in order to advance–to move forward in your mission–then it’s time to take daring action.

Inner-Leader Coaching

Become a true leader in the modern workforce. Whether you’re trying to change the world in a nonprofit or make your mark as a corporate hustler–The Faithful Leader™ is here to help you rebel in all the best ways…

LinkedIn Setup & Optimization

Every Contact Matters. Make sure that what you are projecting to the world is what you truly want the world to know. Create a Circle of Influence that rapidly propels you forward on your missions–for all achievers nonprofit, profit, corporate, or entrepreneur.

Personal Brand Pump-Ups

Make sure your personal brand is one that gets remembered. Present yourself as the professional, motivated achiever your employers are looking for. From Social Media profiles to web footprints to the way you promote your skills, learn how to put yourself into a stream of constant opportunity.

Strategy Consultant

Know where you want to go but don’t know where to start? With The Faithful Leader™ on your side, career strategy becomes a fast-track process. From big picture goals down to manageable monthly targets, learn how to benchmark your success into a rapidly actionable plan.

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