“In preparation for taking a Director level position at a mid-market company, I reached out to Meg to explore her services.  She instantly understood my needs and committed to helping me accelerate my leadership journey.  With Meg, I am able to influence at all levels in my organization and have transparent, important conversations that improve the company I am working for.”

-Anonymous, Director of Product Marketing


Megan Weinkauf was instrumental in making my book launch possible and successful.  In only one meeting, she gave me the tools necessary to not only launch my book, but also obtain substantive, meaningful reviews for my book.  Megan is unique.  Her love for others and desire to serve others is inspiring.  She is strong, confident, and knowledgeable.  Yet, her presence is warm and welcoming.  Megan has also been a phenomenal resource for me professionally.  I highly recommend Megan, without any hesitation!”
– Lisa Johnson, HR Consultant


I’ve had the privilege of knowing Megan for several years in the capacity of fellow committee member, client and friend. A consistency within Megan is her ability to identify ones strengths and build upon that; encouraging them to push forward no matter the resistance. She is the person I turn to as a resource for all things new in business and development in Tulsa as Megan makes it a priority to educate herself in the areas in which she devotes her time and expertise. I believe one of the finer attributes Megan holds is a servant’s heart and it comes through in her work ethic, no matter the task.
– Lucia Carballo


Standout talent and a drive to see others succeed is what comes to mind when I think about Meg.

I reached out to her for assistance with a marketing project as she is a member of the Student Advisory Board at Jack Welch Managment Institute with nonprofit experience. I was blown away by her keen insights, ideas, and her tenacious effort to assist me till my projects’ completion. Thanks in part to her input, my project was a hit!

Meg is a leader that deserves recognition and promotion. She would be an asset to any team.
– Casey Smith,
Vice President of Donor and Church Relations – Operation Compassion


Meg is an exceptionally positive and uplifting person to work with. She self-motivated and takes on challenges without any hesitation. My favorite quality about Meg, however, is her adhesion to her core values. Meg believes in doing what is right and being the change she wants to see in the world. Working with Meg is both a personal and professional pleasure, she is highly recommended.
– Justin Paulson,
Founder, Rebil


Megan’s “Can Do” attitude extends into every area of her life. Her humble nature is infectious having the honor of co-leading many opportunities in The Jack Welch Management Institute.

The people who love to work and create impact around them are my favorite people. Her desire to give Life everything she’s got as a very conscientious person is admirable.

Over the next several years I look forward to working together on more projects together!
– Luc Boivin, Tactical Concierge


Meg is one of the most capable and high-achieving MBA students I’ve had in a class. Throughout the term at JWMI, she consistently scored within the top 5%, earning an overall Honors level grade.

Meg’s ability to immediately put theory into practice, exemplified her solid business acumen. I highly recommend Meg for any professional opportunity, as I am confident she’d do nothing less than excel.
– Gina Rollings, Ph.D. , Professor | Researcher | Founder, The Solo Parent


A simple coffee with Megan recently reminded me of a book I read to my children when they were young, hundreds of times, “YUCK: Stuck in the Muck”.

In the story, a dog chases a duck into a swamp, setting off a very muddy chain of events. A little boy tries to pull the dog out of the muck and also gets stuck. One by one, character gets stuck while trying to help another. At last, a helicopter rescues them, and Duck flies back to build a nest on the still-stuck truck!

We have all been “stuck in the muck” at some point in our lives. In our personal lives, during career transitions or deciding whether to take a huge leap of faith and follow a dream. It’s during those times that having an outside perspective can help transcend the “muck”, the fear, fractured ego, the panic.

For at least a decade, if you were to ask me what my dream job was, I would have said (if not to scared) capital, development and program consulting. In my 20 years of non-profit experience, I always was enamored with the consultants. The diversity in the work they could enjoy. The puzzles they could help agencies piece together to make a significant difference in the community. The ability to pick and choose projects that were near and dear to their hearts.

The opportunity to take my own leap of faith emerged early this fall. It was scary. I am a single mom with two kids. Would this be responsible?

Megan was one of the first calls I made to discuss this horrific, exciting and life changing leap. Our two- hour conversation resulted in a charge of confidence, a to-do list that even some of my seasoned development friends would not have thought of, and a charge of energy. She is an amazing young leader an entrepreneur, with a solid heart and deeply invested in changing lives. Her millennial status is an amazing asset; she looks at issues, opportunities and challenges through a fresh lens.

My consulting business is off to a pretty exciting start. I can manage 3 projects as I launch. I’m going to have to turn down a few. Megan is one of the people I have to thank for that.
– Laura Hailey , Chief Executive Officer L&H Consultants: Advancing Missions

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