Not your average Spelling-Bee Champ…

Meg Weinkauf is a seasoned patron of nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and a master influencer on social media. Known for her song-bird positioning, The Faithful Leader™ has been daring entrepreneurs to rebel…since she was a child.

Born in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Meg was raised in Classic Farm Country where she learned the value of hard work and diligence from her parent’s leading examples. Brought up close to her grandfather, a preacher, she spent much of her youth saddled between church pews & the great outdoors–four wheeling, hunting, fishing, playing basketball, volleyball, and softball. Now, she carries on the traditions of her past with her husband and soul mate–a Rural Dream Life based in trust, hustle, and forever-forward progress.

It is this unique blend of dedication & tireless faith that Meg channels for the Faithful Leader.

Also the co-founder and Chief Evangelist for LaunchPad Labs (which works to launch successful lives through an online, video-based life success skills curriculum), Meg brings an unwavering level of confidence and creativity to every project she approaches.

After earning her Bachelors of Accountancy (with a minor in Marketing) from the University of Arkansas, she would go on to earn 2015 Student of the Year honors at the Jack Welch Management Institute, where she will complete her Master’s in Business Administration this upcoming year. Additionally, Meg has taken the time to become certified as a Personal Branding Strategist, a 360Reach Analyst, and as a Social Branding Analyst.

Meg is also actively involved serving on the Tulsa Area United Way Emerging Leaders Society and Small Business Steering Committees, as well as the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women Advisory Council. She is a mentor through Women in Recovery with the United Way Women’s Leadership Council, 4Word Women Ambassador, and Propel Women Leader. This year, she won 2016’s ionOklahoma NextGen Under 30 Award for her ever-progressive Nonprofit Work at Unlock Freedom Tulsa.

For Millennials, veteran job-seekers, or newcomers to modern employment, The Faithful Leader has the guidance you need to seize the work & volunteer opportunities that interest you–without sacrificing your faith, career goals, or future opportunities.

Meg has never exited a job without being recruited away, or securing a new, better position for herself. She’s reached success in Corporate America–and found even more fulfillment in transitioning to entrepreneurship, nonprofit, and social endeavors.

Talk to The Faithful Leader before your next career move. Dare To Rebel.

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